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Château de La Marche

Mis à jour : 30 juil. 2019

Firts map for the Mount & Blade Modding Contest - Q3 2019

I participate in the Mount & Blade Modding Contest - Q3 2019

Competition Theme: Castle Assault Scene Multiplayer Compatible Solo Stage

Castle inspired by one of my sketches The card will be available in Open Source Project at the end of the contest.

  • Background

"On the seaside, on a rocky formation stands the Château de la Marche, the stronghold of a powerful trading family. Its geographical location makes it one of the most powerful strongholds in the Kingdom, locking one of the only passages for the Col du Mont Noir, The Lords of the Marche enjoy a very lucrative toll on travellers and merchants wishing to use the small port of the Domaine...

But being by the sea is not without danger, The Lords of the March expose themselves to the looting of the Nordics who covet the goods and riches of these lands ... "

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