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Projet Aaron - Gamagora Student Project

Mis à jour : 9 juin 2020

Presentation of the project

Project Aaron is a game of exploration inspired by Metroidvania, in a world in full apocalypse, where a genetically modified nature reigns at the top of every chain of life. the game is developed on PC and VR

The player embodies the only being able to go outside the protections of the small colony where he was created. He will have to explore the underground, once inhabited by the first settlers of the planet and now invaded by a lush and dangerous nature, in order to find the way to one of the few cities still saved.

The character embodied by the player, the Aaron project, is a biomechanical being whose consciousness, contained in a cortical stack, is downloaded into a new body when physical death occurs.This allows it to survive and remain itself unlike normal humans who suffer full-scale mutations due to exposure to Nature’s adaptive spores.


The gameplay focuses on the exploration of a dangerous environment where many creatures live with their own behavior, and form an ecosystem with which the player can interact. Who hunts that will be the question that will allow the player to get away with it and find fragments of clues and skills scattered in the different play areas. Indeed, the environments encountered by the player are designed as full-fledged biomes, which will have to be adapted to survive. For example, night vision will allow predators to survive in areas without light, and water breathing will allow us to explore submerged cavities.


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